All rides back open at Universal's Volcano Bay after electrical issues caused guests to be shocked

A spokesperson for Universal’s Volcano Bay said all rides are back open Thursday after a problem with the water park’s electrical system caused guests to get shocked on Sunday.

“The worst part of it was being terrified and knowing that I had to get out of the water before things got really bad,” recalled Wendy Lee.

The Winter Haven mom said she got shocked in the lazy river on Sunday while she was at the park with her family. The News Station reached out to Lee who said and she told us she was already trying to get out of the water because the ride was closing.

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But she said before she could clear the water, a woman who had been walking in front of her yelled at her to get out of the water immediately.

Lee said before she realized what was happening, she was shocked.

“I felt prickles, almost like bee stings all the way up and down my legs. I ended up noticing a buzzing sound in my ears and then I suddenly realized that this was electricity. As I’m continuing to make my way to the wall I got a metallic taste in my mouth and I knew I had to get out immediately.”

Lee said she ended up climbing over the wall to safety and getting checked out by a team at Volcano Bay.

In a statement released Wednesday night, Universal said several guests and lifeguards reported feeling shocks in the water on Sunday. They said a few lifeguards went to the hospital as a precaution to get checked out.

"It took us some time to understand exactly where these shocks were occurring.  As we identified specific areas, we quickly closed rides and other parts of those areas,” Universal Orlando Spokesperson Tom Schroeder said in the statement. He went on to say the park eventually closed out of an abundance of caution.

Lee said she is disappointed in how Volcano Bay handled the situation.

“I can’t fathom them being aware that there was an electrical issue within that park and yet allowing people to be in there.” Lee said while she hopes this never happens again she hopes the water park handles it differently next time.  “I think they need to take better precautions, get people to a safe area until the problem can be 100 percent fixed.”

Schroeder said Universal tested and re-tested it’s electrical system and worked with an electrical company to make repairs and modifications to the system across the entire park. Universal believes the problem is fixed and the park is safe.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident.