16-year-old Florida girl killed in shooting outside Orlando home was missing for months deputies say

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has identified a 16-year-old girl as the person killed in an Orlando shooting Monday night.

De’Shayla Sanaa Ferguson was found shot outside a home on Broken Pine Circle around 7 p.m. The teen had been reported missing for over two months when she was found dead in a driveway.

"One pop. I heard one shot," said Oswaldo Bonilla.

Multiple neighbors recall hearing that one shot around 7 p.m. last night.

"It sounded close so I looked outside and I hear all the cops coming," said Bonilla.

Bonilla had no idea that just two houses down the life of a De’Shayla had been taken. One neighbor recalls hearing an argument between some people outside of the home about an hour before the shot was fired.

Orange County investigators could be seen talking with a person at the home and searching the property into the early morning hours.

"It was a 16-year-old kid who would stay over and walk by every day," said Benedict Newball.

Other neighbors like Newball said he has seen teens hanging out at the house and riding bikes up and down the street. Although he wasn’t sure if he recognized De’Shayla when we showed him a picture.

"They all look like their kids. They used to sit over there but no harm. They were just playing and stuff and walk around," said Newball.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children listed De’Shayla as missing since August 12th. Orlando Police reported to a DCF Service Center on South Kirkman that day for her. They say she was last seen leaving the facility.

"It’s sad that a 16-year-old had go to go. Things happen like that and it’s sad," said Bonilla.

FOX35 reached out to DCF to learn more about why De’Shayla was at one of their service centers. They are reviewing our request. Orange County Deputies are searching for her killer.

De’Shayla turned 16 just five days ago.

Authorities said the teenager, who had been shot, was pronounced dead at the scene. The sheriff's office said it is working diligently to find and arrest her killer.


At this time, there is no information regarding a suspect.