It's here! Saharan dust arrives in Central Florida

It's here! We're talking about a new round of Saharan dust. 

This dusty veil of air travels from the North African desert regions, across the tropics and sometimes right into Florida as it's carried in by the trade winds. 

The dust could stick around for a while which is always a delight for photographer pros and amateurs alike. Sunrises and sunsets will look extra amazing during this time!

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 As the sun remains low on the horizon, rays of sunlight bounce off the dust particles tapping into some beautiful hues of the color spectrum. 

We experienced this exact situation on Wednesday morning during sunrise. You can see the latest satellite scans revealing the dust cloud right on top of Florida. Early risers across Central Florida literally got an eye-full of gorgeous colors as the dust interacted with the rising sun.

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The dust will stick around through the late week, not only enhancing the sunrises and sunsets but keeping the tropics quiet as well! Dust can really put a stranglehold on the atmosphere, keeping conditions dry and tropical development at bay. Clearly, two benefits Floridians will surely love! 

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