Florida Highwaymen art exhibit explores artists personal reflections

The Florida Highwaymen are known for their beautiful paintings of landscapes. The group of 26 African American artists got their start in the 1960s in Ft. Pierce during segregation. Because they were Black, they were not allowed to display their paintings in art galleries.

5 Black innovators who reshaped American gardening and farming

Many agricultural practices, innovations, and foods that traveled with enslaved people from West Africa — or were developed by their descendants — remain unsung. Learn about five early Black innovators whose contributions reshaped the agricultural landscape.

Art encompasses Black History

An Altamonte Springs artist celebrates Black History in everything she does. Haitian-born artist Lori Saint Rome brings the vibrant colors of her country to the canvas.

Young boxer making history, lifting people up

FOX 35 News interviewed a 19-year-old athlete who has been boxing since he was eight years old. Omari Jones is already making history in the boxing world as the number one amateur boxer in America in the welterweight division and has the championship belt to prove it.