Two Bucs players kneel during anthem, team makes statement

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Two Tampa Bay Buccaneers players took a knee during the national anthem ahead of the Bucs-Vikings game in Minneapolis Sunday.

Wide receiver Mike Evans and wide receiver DeSean Jackson knelt as "The Star Spangled Banner" played.  

Other Bucs and Vikings players locked arms during the anthem.

On Friday, President Donald Trump criticized NFL players who lodge pregame protests, saying in a speech in Alabama that he thought they should be "fired."  NFL players have reacted defiantly to President Trump's comments, with dozens protesting in different ways during anthems.

Shortly after kickoff, the Buccaneers tweeted a statement from co-chairman Joel Glazer:

"As we have stated previously, the Buccaneers recognize every individual's constitutional right to freedom of speech, which is crucial to the American way of life that we cherish. We are equally committed to the principles of inclusively and respect for differing points of view that should be afforded to all Americans."