Mainland’s jersey swap program brings school spirit

It’s a push for more school spirit.

"To receive a jersey from your student-athletes, just kind of solidifies for you that they see you as that champion," Mainland teacher Kristie Long said.

Mainland’s jersey swap program is bridging the gap between athletics and academics.

"A lot of times there is an interesting relationship between athletics and academics. Being a part of this program lets you see that there is a big connect," Long said.

Each week, members of Mainland’s football team get to choose a teacher who’ll wear their jersey to school on game day.

Things can get a little tricky.

"I got two jerseys two Fridays in a row. So the fun part for me is figuring out how I’m going to sport both jerseys," Long said.

This is the first year the school is participating in this program. Yea hers hope to spread the love with other student-athletes too.

"I think it’s going to bring a great unity to the school. Showing that we do, and our football team and all of our athletic programs do have academics first," Mainland teacher Kellie Walker said.

Teachers at the game will sport athlete’s jerseys. They give them back after the game.

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