Woman struck, killed on SR 434 in Altamonte Springs

Investigators said a 69-year-old woman was struck and killed as she rode a bicycle across the SR 434 near Sand Lake Road, in Altamonte Springs.  The vehicle that struck her was then rear-ended by another vehicle, authorities say.  

According to a spokesman with the Altamonate Springs Police Department, the 69-year-old woman was in a 7-Eleven store parking lot on SR 434, when she realized she had locked her keys in the car.  She saw a group of children with bikes, and a family member -- possibly a grandson according to police -- was among them.  She asked to borrow that person's BMX bike to bike to her home which is close to the convenience store. Police said she was on a decline and the bike had no brakes, and that's when she lost control and rode right into oncoming traffic. 

A car struck the woman, pinning her underneath, and then another car rear-ended that car and the woman died at the scene.  It took hours to clear the scene, forcing lane closures and slowing traffic on SR 434 for a few hours.  The woman's identity was not immediately known.