Woman steps out of shower to find deputies in home

A woman says she stepped out of the shower, to find deputies inside her home, with their guns drawn.  It turns out, they were in the wrong house. 

Marion County sheriff's deputies received a call on Monday morning for a silent burglar alarm. Instead of responding to the home where the alarm had be set off, for some reason, they went to the house next door.

"I was in shock!" said Andrene Watson.

she had just finished a morning shower, when she heard her dogs barking.

"Upon stepping out my bedroom door, i saw two Marion County deputies with guns drawn."

She said they were standing inside her front entry way.

"I said, 'Who are you and why are you in my house?' and he kept saying 'Who are you? Who are you?'"

The Sheriff's Office said when they arrived, Watson's front door was "not secure."  That, coupled with the alarm call, caused them to check it out with guns at the ready.  It took a few frightening minutes before they figured out they were simply at the wrong house.

"They just said 'It's the wrong address. It's the wrong address.'"

The Sheriff's Office tells us they are investigating to find out why those deputies went to the wrong house and if they violated any policies when they did.