Woman carjacked at DeBary gas station

Volusia County deputies are investigating after a woman’s car was stolen while she was pumping gas in DeBary.

Sue Kerkhof says she stopped at a gas station near the corner of 17-92 and Dirksen Dr. at around 5:00 p.m. on her way home from work.

“I'm literally in shock… I never thought anything like this would happen,” Kerkhof said.

She says someone got in her SUV, turned it on and then sped off with her standing feet away paying at the gas pump. Her purse and keys were in the front seat. She says the thief almost hit her pulling out of the parking lot.  
“I was thinking, ‘Who's driving like this, in this gas station?’ And I realized it was my car,” she explained. “He went through all four lanes of traffic with people blowing horns at him.”
The man got away and Kerkhof says she’s devastated. She says her 2016 white Infiniti Crossover is a lot more than just a set of wheels.

“My car was given to me last year for my 60th birthday by my husband,” she said.

She also says she lost her purse and wallet, where she keeps a note from her son who recently passed away from cancer. 
“It's amazing that somebody would have the nerve and could do that to other people and sleep at night. I hope they catch him and I will press full charges,” Kerkhof told FOX35.

And she says she’s being proactive has deputies investigate. Friday, she says she was driving through area parking lots to find it. She says if she spots the SUV, she plans on calling deputies.