Woman attacked in downtown LA while being distracted by her phone

A would-be robber takes advantage of a distracted woman in downtown Los Angeles running up behind her and dragging her down as he tried to snatch her purse.

Luckily, an alert valet attendant ran to the rescue fending off the suspect until he ran away.

The attack and confrontation happened in a downtown alley on 11th Street near Flower Street on Jan. 28. LAPD says its releasing security video as a reminder to be aware of one's surroundings. Police say the victim was walking looking at her cell phone.

The valet attendant didn't want to be identified but is getting praise for his bravery. The attendant's son, translating for him, told Fox 11 that the valet hero wasn't scared to confront the suspect who started swinging at him while the victim got away.

Unfortunately, the suspect in the incident got away and police say he could try this again. While they're calling the valet attendant courageous, they're reminding others it's best to let officers handle it.

"Please try to be a good witness. Do what you can to assist but don't get into a confrontation with any type of suspect because you never know whether that suspect is armed," said LAPD Officer Mike Lopez.