Witness describes hearing gunshots at Orlando Holiday Inn where Daton Viel was reportedly killed

A witness staying at the Holiday Inn hotel where Daton Viel was confronted and shot by SWAT officers described the chaotic scene moments before the shooting suspect was shot and killed. 

Judith Torres told FOX 35 she heard the alarms go off around 9 a.m. waking her family up because she thought there was a fire. The family then ran down to the first floor and said they heard gunshots when they left the hotel. 

Torres said it sounded like an AR-15 and everyone began running across the street to another hotel across the street. 

Torres later found out that a shooting happened at the hotel resulting in the shooting death of 28-year-old Daton Viel who was confronted by SWAT officers after he allegedly shot two Orlando police officers Friday night. 

"God bless Florida, but I won't be visiting Florida again," said Torres.

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Scene photos from the shooting


Law enforcement agencies from around Central Florida searched for Viel throughout the night and into the morning after he shot the two officers and then carjacked another driver — taking law enforcement on a pursuit. 

Eventually, officers found Viel at a Holiday Inn on Caravan Court in Orlando where he was confronted by SWAT officers before barricading himself inside a room. He shot at officers who returned fire, killing him.