Winter Park commissioners to revisit Overlay District plan for Orange Avenue

Orange Avenue in Winter Park could be getting a make over. The area is part of a plan known as the Orange Avenue Overlay District, or OAO.

It's been in the works for years. Recently in March, after a hours-long meeting, it was finally approved. Three weeks later, it was repealed when two new commissioners took office. 

On Wednesday, city staff said, "The commission has chosen to revisit the overlay to make potential amendments to what was previously approved. The process will likely go through the summer…and be voted on."

The 95-acre Overlay District, along N. Orange Avenue, between the areas of S. Orlando Avenue (U.S. 17/92) and W. Fairbanks Avenue, is meant to lure new development, make the area more walkable, set new architectural standards and increase open space.

Critics of the plan repeatedly expressed concerns over drainage, green space, building heights, limited parking and increased traffic.

Back in March, Clarissa Howard, the Director of Communications for the City of Winter Park, said the Overlay would provide hotel space, apartments, restaurants and potentially an arts district.

"What we created together tonight is a frame work for going forward that will make Winter Park more beautiful, more walkable, more livable, more workable, and we can create memories there as a community that we'll be really proud of," she said.