What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19? School district lays out plan

The big question on the minds of parents who are sending their kids back into the classroom is: what happens if someone tests positive for coronavirus?

Osceola County is explaining their new protocol.   

“I have shared that each situation really is individual, we have to go through each situation's details, but I am going to review with you the process we’ll be using,” Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace said during a school board meeting Tuesday.

Pace showed board members a list of questions employees will be trained to ask when the situation arises.  

Some are: Who has tested positive? When was that person last at school? Have they been within 6 feet of someone?

Once the questions are answered, administrators say they’ll follow a chart for what to do next.

“If there’s been direct contact, there was not social distancing or masks weren’t worn, or situation was longer than 15 minutes...then we will notify the people in that immediate COVID circle, who have been exposed to that direct level of contact. They’ll have to isolate for 14 days and recommend testing,” Pace said.

Dr. Pace says in cases of indirect contact – people may instead be advised to monitor for symptoms.

For those who have to quarantine at home, school officials say they can switch to digital learning during that period.

Kids go back to school in Osceola County on August 24.