Weekend to be dryer and warmer as system exits the Eastern seaboard

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Thursday will be a diverse weather day in Central Florida, as there will be heat, humidity, sunshine, and even a rise in rain chances. 

Rain chances will rise to near 70% after 12 p.m., as the Gulf and Atlantic sea breeze boundaries get active again. This will touch off rain chances, coming down heavy again and with lots of lightning. 

Temperatures will reach 90 in the afternoon, but will low back into the 70s at night.

The weekend looks to be much nicer, as rain chances relax to the 20% to 30% range. Temperatures will be in the low 90s across the interior, but the upper 80s along the beaches. 

By early next week, rain may be out of the picture entirely, especially as a maturing storm system exiting the Eastern seaboard will help to draw a frontal boundary through Central Florida by Monday into Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday look super dry as a result.