'We are just baffled': Woman shot during road-rage incident in Florida still hospitalized, sister says

The woman who was shot during an apparent road-rage incident last week in Oviedo, Florida, remains in the hospital where she underwent a second surgery this week, according to her sister. Her family remains hopeful she'll pull through.

"Well, she's on her second round of surgery today on her stomach. We're hoping that she will pull through but we don't know just yet," said Tiffany Beard, whose sister, Actavia Beard, was hurt in the shooting.

Oviedo police arrested a 22-year-old name, identified as Keegan Johnson, on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and attempted homicide.

Police said it appears the incident started after Beard stopped at a red light. Johnson was a passenger in a vehicle behind Beard's.

"She stated that it was a red light," Tiffany Beard said, referring to her sister. "So she wasn't driving fast enough to the red light. She said that when you get a red light you kind of slow down, she said that she thinks she slowed down a little too much and they were just honking crazy, like honking and honking at her. So she got out of the lane, they end up being side to side with each other."

Police said there was an argument and at some point, Actavia Beard got out of her vehicle and confronted Johnson. A water bottle and a half-filled soda can was reportedly thrown at Beard, police said, which was then thrown back at Johnson.

At some point, Johnson then shot Beard twice.

"We're hoping for justice in this situation. We're hoping that the attorneys, the courts, will do what they need to do in this situation," Actavia's sister said. She added that Tuesday was her sister's second day in Florida. She was visited from New York.

"This situation at hand, we are just baffled and we don't know what to do at this point," she said.

Johnson remains in jail and is being held on a $75,000 bond.