WATCH: Teen squeaks when laughing after accidentally swallowing dog toy

A Texas teen turned himself into a squeaking machine after accidentally inhaling the whistle from a dog toy.

Video taken by Mary Serrano shows her 13-year-old son Jonathan squeak when he laughed as they waited in the emergency room at Conroe Regional Hospital.

Serrano told Storyful that Jonathan was chewing on a dog toy to annoy her when she jokingly made a slapping gesture with a soda bottle and he accidentally swallowed the plastic squeaker as he quickly ducked.

After Serrano rushed Jonathan to two different hospitals, doctors were able to remove the tiny squeaker with a scope and send them home.

"Long story short, this was not fun for him because he missed a very important camping trip with Boy Scouts that he was very much looking forward to," she said.


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Jonathan posted several versions of the video on TikTok that have gone viral, racking up over 20 million views.