WATCH: Surfer gets surrounded by sharks at Florida beach

This is terrifying!

Photos captured the moment a surfer in Brevard County became surrounded by sharks! Luckily he was quick enough to get away.

Eli McDonald was on a surf trip near the Sebastian Inlet with his fiance. He says he got caught in the middle of a whole school of fish – with several hungry sharks lurking nearby. 

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He says they got a little too close and that's when his fiance Laura snapped the pictures. 

"They were jumping everywhere," he said. "One of them hit me in the head and I seen a big tarpon go underneath my board and I didn't even realize there was a shark behind me."

Laura said she was terrified. 

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"I wanted to go scream and run up and down the beach but, you know, I knew that he would know what to do in that situation, and I also knew that he would want me to capture whatever I could."

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Eli says the encounter did not keep him out of the water. In fact, he was out catching waves the very next day. 

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