WATCH: Family confronts man accused of killing loved one in courtroom

A Daytona Beach family confronted the man who is accused of killing their loved one inside a Volusia County courtroom.

Deandre Anderson made an appearance in court Monday, as he faces first-degree murder charges after investigators say a body was found inside a burning Daytona Beach home.

Daytona Beach police say it happened on Cannon Street on Sunday afternoon. 

Officials say someone called 911 and told dispatchers that a man who lives at the home was attacking an elderly woman.

Police said that officers arrived soon after and found a man walking away from the home. 

Officers at the scene called firefighters after smelling smoke and finding heavy flames inside the home.

Firefighters said they found the body inside the home as they worked to put out the fire. 

The family confirms the woman inside was Viola Miller.

After Anderson appeared in court Monday, the family of Miller started shouting from the back of the courtroom.

"You took my auntie’s life. You beat my auntie to death and you set her on fire," said Bri Lewis, Miller's great-niece. "I hope you rot in the jail cell."

Lewis says her great-aunt was Anderson's stepmom and he lived with her up until she kicked him out just a few days ago. 

"Who takes someone’s life that raised you? What type of person is that? That’s a devil," Lewis said.

The family in mourning is trying to wrap their heads around the tragic death.

"I’m still trying to comprehend what happened. I don’t know why. I’m wondering how… what she went through. I know it was terrifying for her," said Teresa Scott, Miller's niece.

No bond was set for Anderson. 

According to court records, he has multiple domestic violence charges on his record.