Warren 3-year-old gets help after mom suffers seizure on walk

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She's only 3 years old, but a local toddler is being called a hero.

The little girl from Warren jumped into action when her mother suddenly suffered a seizure. 

"I'm 3 and I'm Savannah," said Savannah Lavely. "I had to rescue mommy."

Savannah was on a walk with her mom Jessa and their dog Juno when Jessa suddenly had a seizure.

"Mommy fell," she said.

Savannah ran back to their house to get help from Jessa's parents who were visiting. She can be seen on home security video, running up to the house and trying to get in.

"She actually retraced her steps home rather than going the shorter way," Jessa Lavely said. "I asked her did you look for cars and she said she did."

Meanwhile Jessa's husband was at work watching the home security video live on his phone.

"I was scared," Steven Lavely said. "I didn't know if my wife was ok. I was scared that my daughter ran home by herself. She was over a block and a half away."

"We're still a little bit shocked that she was able to find her way home," Jessa said. "We've never talked to her about it and she doesn't go on a ton of walks.

"And the fact that she could pick out our house, because they all look the same."

A neighbor saw Jessa fall and called 911.

"I rushed over to see if I could help and in the meantime several cars that had stopped by had also stopped," said Jonathan Johnson. "We went out there to try to render assistance. 

Meanwhile Savannah got her grandparents and rushed back to her mom.

"She understands what she did and everyone has been praising her," Jessa said. "She knows."

"She's only 3 years old that's something," said Steven. 

Even the family dog is being called a hero.

"She actually stood over me and wouldn't let anyone touch me until my dad got there," Jessa said. "Because she was just protecting me while I was unconscious."

Meanwhile Savannah knows she did something pretty amazing.

"I was scared," she said. 

FOX 2: But you did a very brave thing."