Volusia County woman finally home after more than two-month battle with COVID-19

It was a moment two and a half months in the making.

Dr. Whitney Shoemaker wrapped her arms around her mom and yelled, “You made it!”

Eileen Shoemaker was finally on her way home after a long and scary battle with COVID-19.

“I had so many people praying for me and I want to thank them because that’s what did it,” Eileen Shoemaker told FOX 35.

The 73-year-old Volusia County woman was first admitted to Advent Health Daytona Beach in September.  

With her mom on a ventilator, Dr. Whitney Shoemaker thought the worst could happen.  

“Full of pneumonia. What the COVID intensivist told me was that it’s almost like trying to breathe through Jello. That’s what COVID does and it would be very unlikely she would make it,” Dr. Whitney Shoemaker said.

But despite the odds, Eileen Shoemaker was weaned off the ventilator after about two weeks.

She was also given convalescent plasma and antiviral therapy, followed by weeks of physical and respiratory therapy.

“She was admitted on September 15 and here we are November 30 and she’s walking out a miracle," Dr. Whitney Shoemaker said.

“When they wouldn’t let me out for Thanksgiving, I thought the 30th will never come,” Eileen Shoemaker said.  

A big smile on her face, the day did finally come for her to walk back into her house.

She may have missed Thanksgiving but will be surrounded by family for Christmas.  

“Mom’s gonna be here with us and I asked what she wanted and she said, 'I’m just happy to be alive!'”