Volusia County neighborhood rebuilding after floods from Ian now preparing for Nicole

Neighbors in Volusia County are barely recovered from Ian, and they are now preparing for another storm.

Ian devastated the neighborhood near Ellison Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. Some debris still is not cleared from the street. People who live there said they came together to rebuild, and the thought of another storm is almost traumatizing.

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Jacob Lafrance said the water rushed into his home so quickly during Ian, and his family lost everything. They spent the last month rebuilding. They ripped out the floors, re-painted, and installed new cupboards.

Lafrance said they were just about finished, and now they are preparing for Nicole.

"We got the kids’ beds. Their beds are on the floor, so if it floods again, they’re without beds again. And we really don’t want to do that again," Lafrance said. He and his wife have six kids. 

The family plans to put down sandbags ahead of the storm.