Volusia County deputies fighting for higher pay

FOX 35 met up with a deputy who was angry enough to speak out, but afraid to show his face. Why?

"Retaliation," he said. “[From] the county council I serve.”

He and a local deputies union in Volusia County are fighting for a raise.   Their starting pay the county is the lowest in our area, he said.

“I would like to see us appreciated," he explained.  "I would like to see us compensated accordingly, for the work we put forth into the community.”

FOX 35 called all nine Central Florida counties.  These are the starting pay numbers, excluding overtime, based on a 40-hour work week:

  • Orange:  $40,934 a year (19.68 an hour without overtime)
  • Osceola:  $39,500 a year ($18.99 an hour)
  • Seminole:  $18.35 an hour
  • Lake:  $37,000 a year ($17.87 an hour)
  • Brevard:  $17.71 an hour
  • Sumter:  $17.45 an hour
  • Marion:  $35,000 ($16.82 an hour)
  • Flagler:  $35,327 (16.98 an hour)
  • Volusia:  $16.48 an hour

Brodie Hughes, who is the President, Volusia County Deputies Association, said, "It’s time for the county to open their eyes and say ‘Okay, we need to fix this problem.'”  

He says the union has been in talks with the county for months.

"I want it to be equal to some of the surrounding counties that we have. I shouldn’t have to fight for deputies out of Seminole County," Hughes explained.

The deputy we spoke to said, don't misunderstand, he loves his job

“Extremely grateful to be hired," he explained.

But he and his  fiancée  say it's just too tough to get by. 

“Barely. We live with our in-laws right now,”  he added. “No kids, yet. Can’t afford ‘em.”

FOX 35 reached out to Volusia County officials for comment.  When had not heard back from them at the time this story was published.