Video shows curious bear nudging man taking nap by pool

A Massachusetts man taking a nap by his pool on a sunny day was woken up by a curious bear touching his foot.

Dawn Bete’s Ring camera recorded video of the bear quietly making its way through her backyard as her husband Matt was asleep on a lounge chair. The bear dips its snout in the water before sniffing its way toward the sleeping man.

The video then shows the bear reaching out and touching Matt Bete’s foot with its paw. When he wakes and sits up in his seat, the bear appears to get scared and runs off.

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"Matt was just so startled, picked up his phone with no luck of a good picture," Dawn Bete wrote on Facebook.

Then the bear appears to approach Matt Bete again as he holds up his phone, the video shows. 

"He wasn’t sure how he should react but knew he couldn’t get up that fast but at least he had another chair and table between them if needed," Dawn Bete wrote. "Luckily, it went running out soon after the encounter."

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The video went viral last year but has recently been making the rounds on social media again. 

FOX News contributed to this report. 

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