Video appears to show Uber driver getting oral sex during ride

An Uber passenger says he experienced "the most dangerous and inappropriate ride ever" after his driver was allegedly receiving oral sex from a woman in the front seat.

And to make matters even worse, the passenger says Uber attempted to apologize by offering him a $10 credit.

The incident allegedly happened in Chicago on July 17 around 3 a.m.

The Uber passenger, who's a Boston man that was visiting Chicago, recorded video of the intimate moment between his driver and a woman in the front seat. The video appears to show them kissing, and then it cuts to the woman lowering her head into the driver's lap.

The passenger who shot the video says he was in the car for about two miles and ended up just getting out before his drop off location.

A spokesperson for Uber says “the behavior of this former driver is appalling and is not tolerated on the Uber app. As soon as this situation was reported to us, we immediately removed this driver's access.”

“It’s about making sure the public is safe. We don't know who these people are,” said Alderman Anthony Beale.

Chicago’s 9th Ward alderman says with better regulations, incidents like this might not happen. He pushed for fingerprinting rideshare drivers over a year ago, but he was overruled.

“They are totally, totally against fingerprinting and background checks. Well we put some provisions in place where now they have to be licensed and have a background check, however, they are policing themselves. They are doing their own background checks,” Alderman Beale said.

In defense, Uber says their background checks go back seven years - compared to the standard five years. They also use a third party company and provide better technology than taxis - using Uber you know who your driver is and where you are at all times.

“We need to make sure that Uber and Lyft abide by the same regulations as the taxi cab industry for the safety of the public,” Alderman Beale said.

Cab drivers say they have to go to classes and get fingerprinted. Rideshare drivers told FOX 32 they submit information online and meet someone in person before they are hired.

To watch the original video as it appeared on Twitter, click here.