Victim of fatal Orlando apartment complex shooting identified

Authorities have identified the victim in a fatal Orlando apartment complex shooting that left two others injured.

Orlando police detectives are still trying to figure out why a shooting took place at Mill Creek Apartments late Wednesday afternoon. Cell phone video shows suspect 56-year-old Pedro Martinez being treated for a gunshot wound, after officers swarmed the complex.

"He's a nice man. He doesn't bother anybody," said resident Claudette McIntosh. "That's why everyone was shocked."

Police say Martinez murdered his wife, 61-year-old Emma Cordero, and also opened fire on a maintenance shop, hitting two workers.  The victims ran for cover in the leasing office, but Martinez kept chasing them, police say. According to the investigation, Martinez kept shooting, but his gun jammed as it was pointed at one of the workers.  

When officers arrived, they found Martinez in his apartment. His wife Emma was shot to death in the master bedroom, with a gun nearby. Neighbors who know them are stunned.

"She was nice, and the old man was nice too," said Raul Tavila.  "It was crazy. I thought he was a good person. He use to give me money to buy stuff and everything."

"I think he may have just snapped," McIntosh said. "It was just too much for him."

Now, they're hoping the two complex employees, 68-year-old Fabio Rodriguez and 40-year-old Julian Valencia Correa, will recover. 

Police will not say if Martinez shot himself or was if he was shot by officers.