Victim in Viera High hazing investigation transferred schools, family considering lawsuit again

Parents are speaking out after they say, their son was hazed in the locker room at Viera High School and forgotten about.

FOX 35 first told you about a hazing investigation involving the football program a few weeks ago. Now, we know the freshman who was hazed transferred schools and the school district could see a new lawsuit.

The Taylor family says they’re looking into filing negligence charges against the entire school district because of how they handled this incident. The parents say, they’re not backing down and are fighting to protect other students.

"Our son was hazed. He was sexually assaulted. They don’t want to address that. They don’t want to address the cyberbullying that has taken place. They just don’t want to do it," exclaimed Avanese Taylor at a press conference with her attorney and other family members on Wednesday.

Avanese says her son was the victim in a hazing investigation at Viera High School. The freshman made the varsity team but has since transferred schools and quit football because of the ordeal.

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"Now, he’s scarred, not sure if he ever wants to go back into a locker room again," his mother added.

The Taylor family says all the school cared about was getting back to business.

"I’m just frustrated and angry about this whole situation and how it seems like everybody is going on with their life besides my son," said his father, Harry Taylor.

The football team played their first game last Friday, and the parents say they’ve gotten few answers from the district about the hazing investigation. The family says they’re learning more about new details from the media.

The student's parents say their son is in counseling, but his school year was shattered. They’re worried about other kids if this is the precedent for how hazing is handled.

"We have had to do too much leg work just to get nothing. I have no answers. We have no answers," his mother concluded.

As for what’s next, the family says they are still working with detectives from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. They want to see charges filed against the students involved and are still pressing for more answers from the superintendent.