Verizon says they plan to block 'robocalls'

jeepersmedia | Flickr

If you've been getting more "robocalls," or unsolicited calls on your cellphone, you're not alone.

"It's annoying. I'm always getting it on my phone when I'm at work and busy," says Elizabeth Torres.

Kiara Rodriguez agrees, adding, "I try to block them, but they call from other numbers as well."

"You get them, I get them, everybody gets them," explains Steve Van Dinter, the Verizon Gadget Guy "It's unfortunately a growing problem."

According to Dinter, help is on the way with spam filters and call blocking features.

"We're implementing 'stir-shaken' authentication technology," he says. "It's gonna verify that the number on the caller ID is where it came from. If it's not, you're gonna get suspected spam and it's up to you to decide if you want to call or not."

Users will have a filter app to protect themselves from unwanted calls.

"You can decide, do you want the high risk, medium risk or all the potential spam calls removed from your phone. Some people say yep get rid of them."

Other cellphone companies are also taking action against robocalls. AT&T has a feature known as call protect. T-Mobile has scam ID, scam block and name ID.  Sprint has premium caller ID.

Verizon says customers will be able to block robocalls for free if they wait a couple of months.

"As we get closer to launch, we'll have instructions on how to download it, how to set it up," he adds.

Verizon customers will be able to block robocalls starting in March.