Vandals burglarize Little League concession stand

Players and organizers of the Palm Bay East Little League are seeking those responsible for stealing $200 in concessions and damaging team property.  The thieves emptied out tubs of candy, chocolate and other snacks, all of which has since been replaced.

"This rack here was completely bare, so they stole every chip off it... and then the Gatorade in the cooler, they stole 40 bottles of Gatorade," explained President of the Palm Bay East Little League, Mike Moffett.  

The thieves also smeared two gallons of paint on the floor and damaged trophies.  Moffett says this isn't the first time they've been hit, bringing the loss to about $400.   He says the little league is non-profit, so hundreds of dollars is hard to recoup. Moffett has a reward for those who know who is behind this. 

"I will personally pay a $100 if we can convict and find the kid or kids who were doing this, I will pay out of my pocket," he said.

He also has a way for the thief or thieves to pay the league back.

"Clean the fields, come out and volunteer umpire, help clean up the concession stand.  If a kid is that down on his luck and needs something to do, we'll give'em a scholarship to come here and play baseball for free, ya know? Instead of being out in the streets committing crimes."