UCF students head back to class despite losing homes during Hurricane Ian

On Tuesday, students and faculty head back to the University of Central Florida campus after closing down for Hurricane Ian. However, hundreds of students do not have a place to stay after their apartments were flooded during the storm.

Some of these students are currently sleeping in their cars. Many of them say they still have nowhere to go after their apartments were flooded because of Ian. 

The Place at Alafaya and the Arden Villas Apartments where hundreds of college students live are badly damaged. Many who live there say personal belongings including laptops and cellphones were lost in the floodwaters.

Some families are asking the university to come up with realistic options as students scramble to find a place to stay. 

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"They left the kids flying blind and having to make it on their own," one mother said. "They don’t even have a place to get a hot meal or anything."

In their latest statement, the president of UCF said:

"As the university returns to normal operations, we must extend compassion to the students, faculty and staff who have suffered significant and, in some cases, catastrophic losses. That includes being flexible about academic and professional expectations as these members of our community continue to navigate the storm’s impact to their lives."

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On their Twitter, UCF also said they are offering showers, WiFi, food options and other resources to students impacted by Ian.