UCF student accused of illegally changing grades in computer

Police at the University of Central Florida say a second student has been arrested for hacking into the school's servers.  

Officers say they pulled the student over a few weeks ago, for running a stop sign, but during that traffic stop, they realized he was wanted for something even more serious.

UCF police say 25-year-old Samuel Williams hacked into a computer system to boost his grades. He's the second student to be caught. Officers say in May, another student, Sami Ammar was spotted on surveillance where they say he too, hacked into the system and changed his grade without permission. Police say Williams was with Ammar in the Mathematical Sciences building that same night, illegally accessing the grading system.

We went to Williams' home, but no one answered. Police say Williams was enrolled in an online class. We asked students what they thought about the arrest. 

"I just feel like he's cheating himself because you're going to need all that material eventually for your career," said tudent Alyssa Pena. 

Brianna Gastin agreed. 

"I think it's crazy. You're suppose to be learning and that's the point of being in college and paying for those classes so you might as well learn something." 

Williams is charged with unauthorized access to a computer network. 

Pena said, "I think its pretty horrible."

According to court records, Williams pleaded not guilty in court.