Truck Meet leaving Daytona Beach in rear-view

Organizers announced on Truck Meet’s social media pages that the event will no longer be held in Daytona Beach due to "circumstances that are out of our control." 

An organizer would not elaborate on those circumstances when FOX35 News asked.

Residents and leaders on Daytona Beach say Truck Meet has been causing issues for years.

"They come into town, and they got these big old trucks with tons of money in them, and they just trash the place," said Daytona Beach resident Jon Ford.

Ford said he has a mixed reaction to Truck Meet not returning to Daytona.

"We need the revenue, but then again, they trash the place," Ford said.The post said organizers are in the process of finalizing a new venue for 2022 and hope to announce the dates and location soon.

Daytona Police would not comment, but Chief Jakari Young has been outspoken in the past about the chaos from the event.

"I canceled days off literally for the whole police department. It wasn’t just patrol. I was the detectives, the school resource officers, everyone was called in," Chief Young said in June 2021.

That comes with a hefty price tag. The police department spent more than $170,000 in overtime to bring in officers during the event, between fights, shootings and reckless driving.

The mayor has also said he would not like to see the event back, but business owners have told FOX 35 News in the past that they welcome the crowds when they were struggling during the pandemic.

"It means my employees get to put food on the table for their families," said Russell Warren, of Hog Heaven restaurant.

Ford said while he knows businesses will lose out on the money from the event, he believes other events can fill that void without the ruckus.

"You don’t see that from the bikers. You don’t see that from the turkey car guys or the Nascar guys," he added.

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