Thousands of dead fish wash ashore as the red tide impacts the Brevard County beaches

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Thousands of new dead fish have washed ashore in Brevard County, as the red tide continues to kill sea life and keep people off of the beach.

The piles of dead fish stretched for miles, thousands upon thousands of them washing ashore overnight on the beaches of southern Brevard County. 

The evidence of the culprit is in the air, as the stinging and irritating toxins released by red tide continue to kill fish and cause coughing. The algae was swept from the Gulf to the east coast about two weeks ago.

Dr. Jon Shenker, the Associate Professor of Marine Biology at the Florida Institute of Technology, says that the type o fish killed just depends on which schools of fish swim through the suffocating red tide. Right now, there's a massive seasonal migration of mullet along the east coast.

A volunteer organization, called Keep Brevard Beautiful, will be working to clean the fish off the beach and could use the help of volunteers.