'This isn't you': Day three of sentencing phase for convicted cop-killer underway

Thursday was day three of the sentencing phase for convicted cop-killer Everett Miller.

Everett Miller was found guilty of gunning down two Kissimmee police officers in 2017. 26-year-old Officer Matthew Baxter and 36-year-old Sergeant Sam Howard were responding to a call of suspicious activity in downtown Kissimmee when a scuffle led to the officers being shot.

The morning started with one of Miller’s Captains from the Marine Corps on the stand. The captain testified that he always gave Miller top marks on his yearly reviews saying Miller assumed more responsibility than he was giving and did his job very well. He also told the jury that Miller was given a special reward when he retired for his career of excellent service.

The defense’s second witness for the day was also someone who had served with Miller, retired Major Clarence France. He told the jury that Miller was the epitome of the perfect non-commissioned officer and that his uniforms were always perfectly pressed. Major France told the jury that other NCO’s looked up to Miller. He testified that sometime after Miller retired, he noticed some posts Miller had made on social media that got his attention.

The prosecutor pushed him on his reaction to Miller’s alarming Facebook posts.  

“Shock amazement, at times I thought his account had been hacked,” saying it wasn’t coming from the Everett Miller he knew.  “I private messaged. I said ‘hey brother what’s wrong? Reach out let me know if anything I can do to help. This isn’t you,” France said.

Prison expert Aubrey Bland testified that he believes Miller would do well with a life sentence.  He told the jury that Miller loves to read and would be a good fit to work in a prison library.

Miller’s father, Rufus, also testified in Miller’s defense today.  He said his son had a happy childhood and described him as a good loving child and big brother.  Rufus told the jury even since his son has been in jail, he still talks to him at least two days a week and that his son plays a meaningful role in his life.