THC-laced gummy bears prompt Florida police to warn parents ahead of Halloween

The Neptune Beach Police Department is warning parents to check their children's candy this Halloween after they found some laced with THC.

Officers posted photos to Facebook of the drug-laced candy they discovered during a traffic stop. They say the gummy-style soft candy was disguised as edibles.

"536 grams of gummy-style soft candy laced with THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) was recently discovered during a traffic stop," the department wrote. "This candy looks very similar to regular ‘gummy bear’ or ‘sour patch’ type products."

The department is now urging parents to go through their kids candy and take extra precautions during the holidays.

They offered the following tips:

  • ALWAYS inspect your children’s candy prior to consumption. Never eat anything that is suspicious or not in an originally sealed manufactures packaging. If in doubt, throw it out!
  • Use glowsticks, flashlights or reflective tape after dark for increased visibility.
  • Chaperon all children under 12 years of age.
  • SLOW down when driving. Pay attention to the increased pedestrian traffic.
  • Ensure your child’s costume fits properly to avoid trip/fall and choking hazards.

Authorities in Pennsylvania recently warned parents to check their children's candy this Halloween after finding Nerds Ropes containing 400mg of THC during a search warrant in Stoney Creek Township.