Teen recovers from shark attack • Officer who can't swim jumps in pond, saves infant • Popular bakery closes

A Florida teen is recovering quickly after losing her leg in a shark attack, a Florida police officer who can't swim jumps in a pond to save an infant who almost drowned, a Sanford man was arrested after 4 dogs were found dead at his alleged puppy mill, and a 21-year-old was killed in a motorcycle crash on Thanksgiving Day: Here are the top stories from FOX 35's Week in Review. 

1. Florida teen who lost leg in shark attack recovering quickly, says she "doesn't have time to be sad" Addison Bethea's leg was amputated after she was bitten by a shark near the panhandle in July. The 17-year-old had been scalloping with her family when a shark attacked. She lost her leg, but she says she isn’t letting that hold her back.

2. VIDEO: Florida police officer who can't swim bravely jumps in pond to save infant who nearly drowned Body camera video released on the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) Facebook page Tuesday shows the moment a police officer – who reportedly doesn't know how to swim – bravely jumped into a retention pond to save a baby who nearly drowned.

3. Florida man arrested after 4 dogs found dead, 38 rescued from 'inhumane' conditions A Central Florida man was arrested after detectives said four dogs were found dead and 38 others in poor health were found living in deplorable conditions at a Seminole County home.

4. 'People are dying': Florida residents want change at dangerous intersection after deadly motorcycle crash It’s a call no parent wants to receive. A 21-year-old on his way back home from Thanksgiving dinner was killed in a motorcycle crash.  Residents say there is a bad accident every few months. They have had enough. 

5. A University of Florida researcher is sending human cells into space: Here's why Dr. Siobhan Malany, a researcher at the University of Florida’s Pharmacy school is breaking barriers. On the next Space X launch, she’s sending up muscle cells on these chips, which go inside self-running labs.