'People are dying': Florida residents want change at dangerous intersection after deadly motorcycle crash

It’s a call no parent wants to receive. A 21-year-old on his way back home from Thanksgiving dinner was killed in a motorcycle crash. 

It happened at the intersection of East Lake Drive and Bird Road in Casselberry when his motorcycle struck a car. 

A family friend identified the rider as Vincent Young. His family was out at the intersection on Friday laying flowers in his honor. 

"One second we’re riding and the next second he’s in the air," said Seth Bordner. 

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Credit: Seth Bordner

Bordner was riding alongside of Young around 7:40 p.m. Thursday night as they approached the intersection.  FHP says the two were coming around the curve on East Lake Road approaching Bird Drive when a car tried to make a left turn. Vincent’s motorcycle struck the car on the left side. 

"I was riding right behind him. I could’ve just as easily, just a few seconds riding with him, I might’ve been in the same situation," said Bordner. 

Young was transported to the hospital where he died. 

"I’ve never really lost a friend," said Bordner. "He’s my best friend. He’s my brother."

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People who live nearby heard the crash. They say accidents like this happen far too often.  

"Well you see the fence down over there," said a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified. "The car was basically almost in the retention pond. We’ve seen the telephone pole be replaced multiple times."

Residents say there is a bad accident every few months. They have had enough. 

"It just broke something in me," said Kendra McWilliams. 

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McWilliams saw the tragic scene on her way home from Thanksgiving dinner. She says it’s hard to judge the speed of drivers coming around the corner. She, other residents, and Young’s family would all like to see a light put in the intersection. 

"People are dying," said McWilliams. "If this brings awareness and saves one life in the future then it was worth the battle."

McWilliams is gathering neighbors to start a petition to get something done about the intersection. They want to make sure what happened on Thanksgiving never happens again.