Suspect identified in carjacking, 2-car crash in Orange County's Fairview Shores neighborhood

Authorities have identified the suspect in a carjacking that ended with a violent crash earlier this week in Orange County's Fairview Shores neighborhood. 

Investigators said Terrance Leonard Callaway, 51, was behind the wheel of a stolen Mercedes when he slammed into a Toyota on Tuesday afternoon. 

Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) said the crash occurred just after 1 p.m. at the Baltimore Dr. and Adanson St. intersection. Both drivers were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center as trauma alerts, having suffered severe injuries, where they remain.


Chris Gilmore saw the driver of the Toyota after he was cut out of his car.

"He was not speaking. He looked very stunned, obviously, and I’m sure he was in shock," he explained. "I’m thankful that no one else got hurt; it didn’t go into anyone’s houses; no one was walking and got hit."

Neighbor Ralph Imgriani said it easily could have been him who was hit by the speeding Mercedes. 

I could’ve been down there in that other car, and I could be the one in the hospital or laying in the morgue right now," he said.

Callaway faces charges of carjacking, grand theft, criminal mischief, and battery.