Susan Lorincz: Ocala woman bought gun after previous incident with Ajike Owens, affidavit says

More details have been released in the Ocala shooting that left Ajike "AJ" Owens dead, after her neighbor Susan Lorincz allegedly shot her through her front door on June 2. 

A newly released arrest affidavit details witness's accounts leading up to the deadly shooting including two juveniles who told deputies they saw Owens get shot after banging on Lorincz's door. 

She bought a gun year earlier after altercation with Ajike Owens

Lorincz told deputies that she bought a gun a year ago for protection after another alleged altercation with Owens. She also said that she used to be afraid of guns.

When deputies entered Lorincz's home, they found a single shell casing on the kitchen counter imprinted with "Blazer 380 Auto." Detectives said this was consistent with Lorincz's statement that she fired the gun from the kitchen. 

In her bedroom, deputies said they found a small trashcan by the bed filled with papers. On top of the papers in the trash can, deputies found two handguns that were on top of each other. The gun on top was identified as a Ruger LCP II 22 LR. 

There was a magazine inserted and one live round inside the chamber with live ammunition in the magazine, and the gun was in a soft holster, the arrest report shows.

The second handgun was identified as a Remington M380 caliber that had a magazine inserted and one live round inside the chamber with live ammunition in the magazine.  

She ‘possibly’ researched stand your ground, self-defense laws

After being detained by deputies on the day of the shooting, Lorincz had her phone for approximately two hours while she sat in the officer's patrol car. Deputies said during that time, Lorincz can be seen briefly using her phone. 

Deputies said they could not determine what Lorincz was doing on her phone during that time period. 

When Lorincz used the words "reasonable" and "prudent" during her interview, detectives asked her why she used that verbiage. She said she researched self-defense information on the internet on the same day of her second interview. She also admitted to "possibly" researching stand-your-ground and self-defense laws in the recent past. 

She also admitted to swinging the umbrella at the juveniles on the day of the shooting. 

Deputies placed Lorincz under arrest, who refused to cooperate, the arrest report shows. Detectives said she stated "kill me" and would not comply by standing up. As she was being escorted to a patrol car, she complained of chest pain and attempted to fall to the ground. 

The was taken to the hospital and made her first court appearance on Thursday. 

911 call: "I grabbed my gun and shot at the door" 

The 911 calls that were made the night Owens was shot and killed, show Lorincz's panic before and after the shooting. 

Minutes before the shooting, Lorincz called 911. 

Dispatch: I need you to lock all your doors and windows, OK
Caller: I have
Caller: Her sons said they were going to come and kill me.
Dispatch: And did you know her?
Caller: Yes, she's come after me several times because of her children. Her children keep trespassing over here. They're bothering me and bothering and won't (expletive) stop

A couple of minutes later, Lorincz called 911 again indicating that she had shot Owens. 

Caller: Oh my god, this lady just tried to break down my door. I shot through the door. (inaudible) Yes. The woman was screaming and yelling, and she was trying to break down my door"
Dispatch: It was a female
Caller: Yes
Caller: "I didn't know what to do. I grabbed my gun and shot at the door cause I thought she was going to kill me...oh my god.
Caller: I shot at the door because she wouldn't stop. I told her 'get away,' and she wouldn't

Moments later: 

Dispatch: Where is the gun now?
Caller: It's in my bedroom. (pause) This is the woman who attacked me
Dispatch: OK, so you still see the subject?
Caller: I don't know where she is. I'm still in my house. I didn't open my door to her.
Dispatch: It's only you in the home?
Caller: Yes, it's just me

Moments later in the call, the woman said she thought she heard screaming from outside the home. Dispatch ended the call after first responders arrived.

Timeline: Moments leading to the shooting

Around 8:54 p.m. on June 2, deputies were on their way to the Ocala apartment complex after Lorincz called 911 on juveniles who she believed were trespassing on her property, an arrest affidavit shows. A few minutes later, several other 911 calls came in reporting shots heard in the same area. 

Lorincz also called 911 again reporting that Owens "tried to break her door down while yelling and that she shot through the door," deputies said. A couple of minutes later, Owen's son called 911 reporting that his mother had been shot. 

When deputies arrived at the scene and found several bystanders attending to Owens, who was shot in the chest, an affidavit shows. She was taken to a hospital where she died at 9:36 p.m. 

Owen's son witnessed her being shot 

Owen's 10-year-old son told deputies he left his big tablet in the "big yard" where the children normally play and saw Lorincz holding his tablet. He told Lorincz to put it down, and she threw the tablet down before throwing roller skates at him while cursing at him, an arrest report shows. 

Lorincz reportedly told Owen's 10-year-old son to go get his mother and that's when she threw the skates, he said. The 10-year-old went to get his older brother who was playing basketball who then told Lorincz to "throw something at him." 

She reportedly came outside with an umbrella and swung it at them threateningly while telling them to get off her lawn, detectives said. 

The two boys went to go get Owens who then walked across the street with the 10-year-old to Lorincz's home. 

The 10-year-old said he heard his mother yelling, "Open this door, you heard me!" as she banged on the door. Her son said he was standing near the door when Owens was shot through the door. 

Neighbors: Susan Lorincz harassed kids for years, repeatedly made ‘false reports’ 

Neighbors recounted Lorincz' behavior towards the children in the neighborhood over the last couple of years alleging that she's filed multiple false reports. 

One of the children's father told deputies "Lorincz is always yelling at the children who play in the area and calls in false reports on them," an affidavit shows. The neighbor said Lorincz is known to harass the children by video recording them with her phone as they play in the open field between the apartment buildings. 


Another neighbor said Lorincz is always yelling at Owen's children for playing in the field outside their building. She also said she heard stories of Lorincz making racial slurs toward the children. 

On June 5, deputies returned to the apartment building where another neighbor said "Lorincz threatens the kids and says the n-word," according to an arrest affidavit. 

The daughter of another neighbor told deputies on the day of the shooting, Lorincz came outside and gave the children the middle finger, and also said, "Get away from my house, you black slave," the arrest report states. 

On the day of the shooting, Owen's son also reported that Lorincz came outside and began recording the kids who were playing in the field and giving them the middle finger. 

Susan Lorincz used the N-word, other slurs toward the children

When deputies asked Lorincz about allegations regarding her using the n-word and racial slurs toward the juveniles, she admitted to using the n-word toward the children "out of anger in the past." 

She also said there had been several interactions with Owens that were not friendly, but there were never any threats of violence made against her by Owens. 

She also admitted to throwing roller skates in the yard, telling Owen's son to "go fetch them." When asked about the umbrella incident, she said she bought one outside because she thought it was raining, but didn't swing it at anyone. When deputies indicated that a witness reported that she did, she said maybe she did possibly swing the umbrella at the juveniles. 

She said on the night of the shooting, Owens came to her door and started banging on the door while yelling, "I'm going to f------ kill you!" She told deputies she thought the door would come off, so she went to get her handgun from her bedroom trashcan and fired one shot through the door.

When she fired the gun, she said she didn't intend to hit Owen's because she thought she "hit" really high when she shot, an arrest report shows.  

She told police to kill her when she was placed under arrest

When Lorincz was placed under arrest she reportedly refused to cooperate, according to deputies. She also stated to deputies "kill me" and would not comply by standing up. 

She eventually complied but while walking to the patrol car, complained about chest pain and attempted to fall to the ground, deputies said. 

She was taken to a local hospital before being booked into jail.