Study: Hurricane Irma could be the cause of several sinkholes

Did you escape Hurricane Irma unscathed? Maybe not.

Scientists are now blaming the monster storm for a rash of sinkholes across Central Florida -- and there could be more.

Two homes in The Villages sit condemned, as six weeks ago, a sinkhole opened up underneath them. And any repairs done to the homes are just undone by more sinking.

Geologist James Olson's team has been meeting with many in the Villages and Central Florida. There is growing concern with the wet season coming up and old damage sitting unfixed. And the situation becomes even more uneasy, as memories of the massive sinkholes that swallowed homes last year are in our heads. 

Olson's team at Geohazards report that hundreds of sinkholes have opened up since Hurrican Irma and the drought last spring gave the storm some extra bite. 

"Following that drought when we get a large amount of rain that water is down-filling, in-filling those cavities within the limestone and we're getting all kinds of sinkholes popping up all over Florida," says James Olson of Geohazards Geology and Engineering. 

And Olson says to expect more, especially as with more development, they are more likely to hit near people.

Neighbors in the Villages are pushing community leaders hard to meet with experts and slve the old damage before the next wave.