Stingray photobombs baby's picture with matching expression

A stingray in an aquarium made a mom "burst out laughing" when it photobombed a picture of her baby with a matching expression. 

Wendy Armstrong, from Workington, U.K., takes her daughters Aurora and Daisy to the Lake District Coast Aquarium regularly, according to SWNS. 

On one visit, Armstrong noticed a stingray was "taking a particular interest" in then-6-month-old Daisy, according to SWNS. 

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At the time, Daisy was a very serious baby, Armstrong told SWNS, so the stingray’s matching expression made her laugh. 

"It is definitely up there as one of our favorite pictures that we have of our kids," Armstrong told SWNS. "I had my phone out, and when I saw they were both pulling the same miserable facial expression I burst out laughing and took a photo."

Since then, Daisy has lightened up a bit, Armstrong told SWNS. 

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"When she was that age Daisy never used to smile that much which did slightly concern us, but thankfully she is much happier now!"

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