State officials open I-95 checkpoint at Florida-Georgia line to screen travelers

Crossing the Georgia-Florida line on Interstate 95 looks a little different these days.

When you enter the Sunshine State, visitors can no longer sail down the interstate to their final destination, they have to stop at a checkpoint.

Monday, FOX 35 went through the checkpoint to see how it works.

There were orange cones and several signs posted along I-95 south to funnel traffic into the checkpoint.

Florida Highway Patrol monitored the operation.

Once you’re in the checkpoint, you’re stopped and asked about your trip.

Governor Ron DeSantis says he doesn’t want people from COVID-19 hotspots spreading the virus in Florida.

“Folks are going to need to self-isolate when they come in,” DeSantis said at a news conference Monday.

Health department employees are looking for people from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Louisiana.

Travelers from those areas were directed to a different part of the parking lot to fill out paperwork.

People are required to provide their name, where they’re staying in Florida and contact information.

They also have to agree to self-isolate for two weeks, or face jail time or a fine.

People were already being screened at airports.

 The highway checkpoints were added over the weekend.

“Ever since we got into Georgia, we saw signs saying there was going to be a checkpoint at the Florida line,” said Jim Klos, who has a New York license plate.

“They just asked what state we were coming from. We told them South Carolina. They noticed the New York tags, and she asked if it was a rental car? I just told her, ‘No, we’ve been down here since August in South Carolina.’ She said, ‘Go right ahead,’” he said.

Another checkpoint has been set up on Interstate 10 in the panhandle to screen Louisiana travelers.