Snakes continue to invade backyard of Lake Mary home

It's bad enough when one venomous snake is found in your yard, but how about thirteen?   Wildlife experts say the snakes have been found at different times on a small patch of grass next to a Lake Mary home.

"I've been really, really cautious, because I don't want to get bit by one of those snakes, because they're really dangerous," said Bose, who lives at the home.

Dangerous and deadly, with one bite. Over the past five weeks, a trapper has pulled out snake after snake after snake. The Bose Family doesn't dare to even tip-toe into their backyard.  

"It's like what, just go away already!" said Bose. 

Trapper Bob Cross said, at first, he thought the drought was bringing out all the snakes as they search for water.  But now he said it's a mystery why so many snakes slither their way into the backyard.

"Now that the water's up and we have another one, here it's back to Mother Nature.  Is she having them following the Cypress tree line here? We'll find out in the next few weeks."

While Cross captured over a dozen venomous snakes here, there may be more to come.

"I think she's got babies right there."

Everyone trapped goes to a reptile center in DeLand, where they make medicine for someone who might get bit by one of these.

"By me producing a venomous snake to them, they produce the anti-venom, it turns around and saves a life at the other end," Cross said.

Cross will continue coming out to this property to search for more snakes.