Sinkholes open in Ocala's Fore Ranch community

Just a few feet away from homes, multiple sinkholes have popped up in the Fore Ranch community in Ocala.

“Come outside today after having a cup of coffee after work to see a big giant sinkhole literally consuming our lake --  it’s pretty frightening,” said Shannon Cole who was evacuated.

Cole said he called police when saw several  little explosions in the pond behind his townhome and he knew something wasn’t right

“I looked out back and it looked like somebody had jumped in our lake, and we walked down and seen the edge of the lake was bubbling and that was quite alarming,” Cole said.

Now his family and the others who live in this building behind the sinkholes have been evacuated after it was temporarily condemned until tests can ran in the morning. Management fenced off the perimeter around the sinkholes to keep residents away.

Fire officials posted this video of the water churning inside one of the sinkholes, city officials say a private water main on the property used for irrigation broke and was leaking, but they haven't determined if that was the cause.

“Water was coming out and so they shut that down, not sure what the cause of the sinkhole, if it was caused by the water main or if the  sinkhole cause the water main break,” said Sean Lanier, an engineer with the City of Ocala.

City officials say they will monitor the area over night and engineers will return to run tests on the area.