Florida woman convicted in crash that killed toddler dies before sentencing

Shona Wallace, a Florida woman accused of driving into a sidewalk and striking a family of three who were out on a bike ride, ultimately killing an 17-month old girl and seriously injuring her parents, has died – weeks after being convicted, according to the Seminole County judge and the defense attorneys handling her case.

A jury found Wallace guilty in March of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide in the death of toddler Adalyn Zisa, and DUI for injuries her parents, Shannon and Dane Zisa, sustained in the June 2019 incident.

Wallace was awaiting sentencing on those charges.

The Seminole County judge and her defense attorneys announced Wallace's death at a Friday hearing about Wallace's medical condition. Neither revealed how Wallace died. It's also unclear how this development impacts the case – a defendant being convicted, but dying before formally being sentenced.

"This court cannot pretend - as Shannon Zisa cannot pretend - that her 17-month-old daughter wasn't killed. The court cannot pretend that didn't happen. The court cannot pretend that Dane Zisa did not suffer a traumatic brain injury and now is in an assisted living facility for the remainder of his life," Seminole County Judge Donna Goerner said during Friday's court hearing.

During the trial phase, the judge announced that Wallace had reportedly fallen in the restroom and was taken to the hospital, which resulted in a delay. Eventually, the trial continued and Wallace was found guilty.

The sentencing phase was expected to begin on April 8, but was delayed because Wallace was hospitalized again, the judge announced during that hearing. It was not immediately clear what led to that hospitalization.


"I've said from the beginning that this was for earthly justice, but I ultimately believed that she would face true justice on the day she died. I believe wholeheartedly that on Saturday, she faced the ultimate judge," Shannon Zisa said.

"I'm not sure that there is justice in this, nothing will ever undo what happened, but I think this is as close to justice as I'm gonna get."

Her husband, Dane, suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the crash and is under the care of an assisted living facility.

June 2, 2019

According to the police report, Shannon and Dane Zisa were on a bike ride with their 18-month-old daughter, Adalyn, who was being towed in a bicycle trailer. They were riding on the sidewalk on the northwest corner of State Route 414 and Eden Park Road.

Shannon was towing Analyn.

Police said Wallace's vehicle, a 2000 Mazda 646, left the roadway and struck the family on the sidewalk around 7:30 p.m.

Witnesses told police that Wallace's vehicle was seen driving erratically when it left the roadway and struck the family, according to the report. One witness reported seeing Wallace fall out of the vehicle.

Dane, Adalyn's father, suffered traumatic injuries. All three were taken to the hospital, where Adalyn later died.

According to the report, Wallace had a patch with the words "Fentanyl" on it. Bloodwork also showed that she allegedly had THC, cocaine, Fentanyl, and another substance in her system at the time, according to the arrest report.

Wallace reportedly told medical staff that she did not remember the initial impact and that it was an accident.