Sheriff: Police recovered shotgun consistent with weapon used at Closs home

Law enforcement has recovered a shotgun consistent with the weapon used to kill Jayme Closs’ parents in October, according to police.

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald gave an update to the case Friday afternoon saying investigators recovered a gun “consistent with what was used at the scene of the homicide,” Oct. 15. The Sheriff says he is waiting for examination of the weapon from the Wisconsin crime lab.

Fitzgerald also disclosed a shotgun was used to shoot open the door and kill Denise and James Closs.

Suspect changed his appearance 

The suspect in the case, Jake Patterson, also went to great lengths to evade law enforcement in this case, including shaving his head to not leave any hair behind, according to police.

Police also said the suspect did not know anybody at the Closs home and did not have any contact with anyone there via social media.

“We are still determining how he became aware of Jayme,” Fitzgerald said. Earlier Friday, Police did say Patterson targeted Jayme Closs specifically.

Thursday’s arrest

Fitzgerald revealed more information about Closs’s escape and Patterson’s arrest Friday afternoon.

Patterson was not employed during the 88-day stretch in which Closs was kidnapped, so he did not leave the house for a job. He was, however, not at home when Closs escaped.

When police arrested Patterson, he was driving around in his vehicle looking for her, according to the Sheriff.

“Jayme is the hero in this case, there’s no question about it,” said Fitzgerald.