Sex offender caught after police chase him through Marion County

After receiving a tip on the location of a local sex offender, the Marion County Sheriff's Office reportedly pursued the offender.

The offender was driving a grey Toyota Sienna minivan. He was known to have local warrants for Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Reporting Requirements.

Police say a deputy attempted to stop the suspect in the U-Haul store's parking lot, but the suspect fled, speeding down Highway 441.

He eventually made his way towards NE Jacksonville Road, where a deputy was able to successfully use a pit maneuver to stop his vehicle. The suspect's vehicle raised over the concrete median and flipped onto its side.

The suspect, identified as Todd Marchesano, was taken into custody as well as female passenger Tina Nabbefeld. She also has active warrants, but for ealing in Stolen Property and Falsification of Ownership to a Pawnbroker in Ocala.

Marchesano was treated for minor injuries.