Seminole County working to control mosquitos after flooding from Ian

Seminole County Mosquito Control has been spraying more areas for mosquitos after Hurricane Ian after residents said they are seeing and feeling more mosquitos buzzing around. 

"I’ve been spraying. Using Off spray," Tasha Dunn, a Lake Mary resident, said.

"When we’re out there it’s gotten really bad. We’ve noticed around our ankles," Patti Meyers, another Lake Mary resident said.

Ian’s floodwaters created the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Some people said they’re seeing more of the bugs than ever before.

"When we got outside for recess, the kids are complaining more about getting bug bites recently," Jeanette Reynoso, a teacher, said.

From October 1 to October 10, Seminole County Mosquito Control received more than 120 service requests. That’s more than the entire month of September. Crews have been working to mitigate the problem. They have fogged more than 150 miles in the county so far.


"Thank God. We need that. We definitely need it," Dunn said.

According to Seminole County, several areas of the county are expected to be treated this week. People in the area said they’ll likely stay inside until then.

"I’m happy to hear that they’re going to do it." Meyers said.

Seminole County submitted paperwork to the state to request the state do an aerial spraying mission. A spokesperson said the county is waiting to hear back.

Last week, Flagler County announced its crews plan to do aerial spraying for mosquitos in that area sometime later this week.