Seminole Co. deputy rescues and adopts stray kitten

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Last week Seminole County deputy Anthony McDaniel was patrolling a Winter Springs neighborhood when he was notified that a citizen needed help. She was desperately trying to free a stray kitten that had somehow gotten stuck inside the door panel of a Dodge truck.

Several other deputies, along with Seminole County Animal Services, responded to help. It appeared that the kitten was caught in the hinge of the truck door and was not able to free himself. At first, nothing seemed to work.

Every time they tried to move the door, even just a little, the tiny feline would get pinched. Deputy McDaniel had an idea. He used baby oil to grease the kitten up. He was then able to very carefully closed the truck door and as he did, the tiny black kitten slipped out of the hinge and was freed from door!

The citizen grateful took the stray kitten to a veterinarian to make sure he was okay. She was more than happy to provide the little guy a home, but her other cats were not nearly as excited.

So the citizen announced on Facebook that she was looking for a "furever" home for kitten. Deputy McDaniel saw the post and knew he had to act. He and his family adopted the kitten and appropriately named him Dodge!