Second worker at Orlando International Airport tests positive for coronavirus, officials say

Concerns are rising after a second worker at Orlando International Airport tested positive for coronavirus. 

Airport officials told FOX 35 News that the worker was a contract employee that worked at a car rental place offsite. 

However, this is still worrisome for both passengers and workers.

"We've tracked back where they were working. It doesn’t appear they were in the terminal. It was a rental car operation from what I know. So, we’ve taken steps to make sure those areas are all clean," GOAA director Phil Brown said. He also mentioned that cleanser at the airport was running low and it has not been easy to obtain. "We’ve all solicited the Governor, Senator Scott has vowed to help us. But a lot of the airports are having trouble getting personal protective equipment."

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Food service workers at the airport said that they are concerned for their own safety and customers as well.

A server at Orlando International Airport, Dionioa Diaz, told FOX 35 News that "I have two kids at home and I'm here taking the risk of me bringing home the virus."

Many of them said that they need hand sanitizer, wipes, and gloves.

Server Abi Colon Gomez said that "we are not being heard. They are not giving us sanitizers, they're not giving us absolutely nothing."

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However, the airport director said that employers need to make sure that their employees have enough supplies and that it is not the airport's responsibility.

"We’re gonna try to get to the bottom of this and work with management and employees to try at least the safety issues because that expands to all the airport and the passengers," Brown said.

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During a meeting, the Greater Orlando Airport Authority also talked about having to shut down some food concessions.

Food server Hilda Renteria Hernandez told FOX 35 News that "cutting our hours has made everyone really anxious and scared. We don’t know how we’re going to pay our bills." 

GOAA said that the workers who tested positive live in Seminole and Osceola Counties.

Tune in to FOX 35 News for the latest on coronavirus as it continues to spread within Florida and across the nation.


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