Search ongoing for missing Florida man Matthew Robineau

Authorities continue to search for a missing Florida man, after his father said he received a pocket dial from his son's cell phone early Sunday morning.

That phone call from 21-year-old Matthew Robineau to his father happened around 2 a.m. after Robineau had been out with his friends in the Downtown Melbourne. 

When Dan Robineau tried to call his son back, he received no answer, so he used the "Find My iPhone" app and saw that the phone was stationary near the Melbourne Causeway.  

Melbourne police officers responded to an area near Geiger Point to meet with the father who had located Matthew's phone, along with several other personal items; however, there was no sign of Matthew.  Police used canines to search the area, but it was unsuccessful.

Later on, around 9:48 a.m., police say that Dan called the police again to report that his son had not arrived for work. Matthew was then placed into police databases as a missing person. Checks with friends and associates did not report any further information to his location. 

In the afternoon, the Melbourne Police Department boat and the Brevard County Sheriff's Office Aviation unit were used in the area of the Melbourne Causeway. 

Investigators say Matthew visited several establishments on New Haven Avenue in Downtown Melbourne, just prior to his disappearance. He was last seen walking eastbound on New Haven, near the railroad tracks around 1 a.m. Police say he may have been intoxicated. 

Another search was conducted in the Melbourne Causeway area in the evening by a U.S. Coast Guard vessel, police say.

Police are currently seeking information in regards to Matthew's whereabouts. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Detective Tom Cahalan at 321-608-6453.